What is JAPAN X? There are indeed reasons why Japan X pork tastes so good. From the countryside of Zao, Miyagi, we'd like to share our unique Japanese spirit with the rest of the world. We see it as our mission to deliver our pork to the farthest reaches of the earth.




We would love to connect with you to share our passion, regardless of what language you speak or where you live! We can communicate in English so please feel free to get in touch with us regarding a potential collaboration or any questions about JAPAN X you might have.


The Maruyama Group was founded in the rural town of Zao in Miyagi Prefecture in 1958.

Initially we started out as a wholesaler distributing fruits, vegetables, and grains throughout the prefecture and feedstuffs for livestock a little further down the line. In 1969, our achievements in the feed market and accumulated know-how inspired us to make our first foray into pig farming. In 2014, we successfully made the jump to a fully fledged operation - from breeding, production and processing right through to sales and distribution.

In the early days, the founder of the company, Eisuke Sato, jotted down some thoughts on the back of a newspaper advertisement like follows:

Maruyama represents Zao.
By that logic, Maruyama also represents the south of Miyagi, the prefecture, the whole of Tohoku and thus Japan.
So in the end, Maruyama represents the world.

In so many words, Mr. Sato had surmised that even though they were doing business locally, to truly vitalize the region's economy, they must keep a global perspective.

Now, 60 years on, it is up to us to turn his vision into a reality and put the Maruyama brand on the world map. Our goal with JAPAN X is to share the exquisite taste of our pork with the rest of the world. Renowned Japanese quality and trust right to your door.

The finest quality for the best price. Discover the true meaning of “delicious".

Our defining principle at JAPAN X is to “Set the bar high, meet any challenge that is thrown our way and earn our spot as a leading global brand".

The day where we can share the mouthwatering taste of our pork with the world has finally arrived.