Peace of mind.

JAPAN X supplies disease free pigs in a timely fashion to maximize freshness. As our production line is totally in house, from production, processing right through to distribution, the cycle is carefully monitored with constant feedback along the way for optimal output. Our piggery features a windowless design in order to keep out harmful pests and combat disease. Our feed is comprised mainly of corn, fish meal and soybean meal. During fattening, we supplement our feed with bifidobacteria to keep our pigs intestinal tracts in tip top shape. Additionally, aside from the stuff in milk, we don’t pump our pigs full of antibiotics.

Sumptuous marbling

Regular Sangenton Pork is made from the LWD variety but JAPAN X uses a derivation called WLD. This breed makes the most of the properties a large female Yorkshire offers: good robustness and water retention plus a great fat melting point which ultimately result in a very delicate finish to the meat.

Tender and succulent pork

A pig’s age plays a role in the tenderness of the pork produced.
Usually pork is processed and shipped after a pig reaches 180 days but JAPAN X pork ships after 150 days due to our sophisticated production system and our proprietary, high-quality feed, which gives us the edge.