Our Brand.

Three pillars define JAPAN X.

And of course, it is also the satisfaction of our customers that has kept us striving forward.

Zao is home to JAPAN X, where rich nature married with farm operations carried out by passionate staff is the simple but essential formula for producing our quality pork.

We do not make any compromises on quality or taste.
The principle of "KAIZEN”, a Japanese concept for continual improvement,
helps us to be more resolute every day.
More motivated than we were yesterday, and better tomorrow than we are today.

Born in Zao, Japan

Blessed by such rich surrounds,
Japan X thrives on the bosom of Mother Nature.

Endless pursuit of "passion"

Boasting a production process and staff who do not allow for any compromise on quality along the way always guarantee superior taste.

The "freshest"
and "highest" quality.

Since our pork doesn’t carry
that distinctive ‘pork’ odor we’re all familiar with,
the heavenly umami can be savored uncontested.